Hi, all! Just a quick note that Craftsy, as we used to know it, is no longer! "Craftsy" was recently rebranded to "Bluprint". So what does this mean for us here on Cookie Connection? The good news (for now anyway) is that all the Craftsy classes you once saw promoted via affiliate links on this site still exist (phew!), but they now show up under Bluprint links (like the one shown below) and reside on the Bluprint site. Craftsy has been completely subsumed into Bluprint. In other words, you can continue to sign up for all the old Craftsy classes taught by your favorite cookie instructors; they'll just be called Bluprint classes. I'll also continue to announce and link to new Bluprint cookie classes if and when they produce more.

To sign up for old Craftsy (now Bluprint) classes, just click on any Bluprint links you see on the site!


Note: All Bluprint links on Cookie Connection are affiliate links, meaning that Cookie Connection earns a small referral fee whenever someone signs up for a class on Bluprint (just like we did when it was Craftsy)! These links are one tactic I use to help defray the ever-growing costs of running Cookie Connection and to keep it coming to you for free. So, please don't hesitate to click on those affiliate links! 

One last thing: If you see any "Craftsy" logos or links lingering on this site, please let me know by sending me the url of the page on which they reside. I think I changed all "Craftsy" references to "Bluprint" ones, but I may have missed a few. Thank you!


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