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Hi, all! Great news - we had a wealth of site art contributions for this very special month, and, so, you're going to see at least two, if not three, wonderfully Christmas-y banners and backdrops as we progress through December.

Thanks again to past contributors @Silver Cloud Cakes (aka Barbara Smith) and @Gingerland (aka Berni Solti) for their festive cookie contributions. Below you'll find the site art that you're likely to see decking our Cookie Connection "halls" this month, starting first with a fanciful set by Berni that will reveal just as soon as I finish this post!

December 2019 Banner - Berni REINDEERcc_background_december2CROPPED2

Then, around mid-month, I'll be swapping in this sophisticated handpainted "Twelve Days of Christmas" set by Barbara . . .

December 2019 Banner - Silver Cloud BigTwelve Days of Christmas for backgroundLIGHTER

And, as my Christmas schedule permits, I hope to change the site art one more time just before December 25. With this swap-out, you'll see this refreshingly untraditional palette of pinks on snowflakes, another set crafted beautifully by Berni . . .

December 2019 Banner - Berni SNOWFLAKEScc_background_decemberCROPPED

Since both Berni and Barbara have contributed site art in the past, they have already been the subject of one of our in-depth Cookier Close-up interviews - one of the benefits of being a site artist! So, if you aren't yet acquainted with these two talented cookie artists, please read their Close-ups (here and here) and their bios below.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to both Berni and Barbara for giving us such a generous holiday gift of cookie art.  I couldn't be more grateful! 

berni_squareBernadett Solti (aka Berni to her friends and family) is owner of @Gingerland and lives in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Formerly employed by McDaniel College, a private American college, Berni is now a stay-at-home mom to a four-year-old boy who, by the way, is the best cookie decorator ever (or so says his mom).

Berni grew up with a love for creating, doing everything from drawing to sewing, but she didn’t discover cookie decorating until 2012. What started as a simple free-time Christmas activity soon became a major obsession. Berni primarily works with honey gingerbread dough, as this type of cookie (perníčky) is traditional in Hungary. Berni’s favorite cookie themes are weddings and baby showers, because she’s drawn to their soft pastel hues. She also enjoys arranging cookies in artful ways and photographing them creatively so they "tell a story”. Berni recently discovered airbrushing and is now happily exploring that technique. A hobbyist decorator, Berni makes cookies and conducts workshops for friends while pursuing her larger mission of helping people understand that cookies aren’t just for Christmas! They can and should be savored throughout the entire year!

To learn more about Berni, please visit her website and Facebook and Instagram pages.

Barbara CroppedBarbara Smith opened Silver Cloud Cakes, a home bakery, after making her daughter’s wedding cake nine years ago, but only began cookie decorating relatively recently in 2016. While Barbara loves decorating wedding cakes, she finds that cookies are uniquely personal and intimate. Customers can hold their own specially designed and decorated piece of art in their hands.

Barbara was a software developer and raised three children before discovering the pleasure of creating the porcelain-like beauty of royal icing cookies. With help from the internet, including Julia Usher’s excellent YouTube tutorials, Julia’s book Ultimate Cookies, and the Cookie Connection community, she taught herself the basics.

To learn more about Barbara, please visit her website,, as well as her Cookie Connection portfolio and Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

All cookies and photos by Gingerland and Silver Cloud Cakes, as indicated above and in "Attachments" at the end of this post.

Interested in seeing your name in lights and having your cookies featured on Cookie Connection?! I thought so! I would love to see your cookie art here too! If you plan to submit, please bear in mind that I am seeking art for April 2020 and beyond. I am now well stocked through March 2020

It's easy to submit! Just read these posts here and here. Remember: Site artists not only get their work featured prominently for a full month, but they also get profiled in a forum post (like this one) and in an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview. All considered, it's a lot of great free PR in exchange for photo sharing!

Thanks in advance for considering a contribution to the site!


Images (6)
  • December 2019 Banner #1: Cookies and Photo by Gingerland; Graphic Design by Pretty Sweet Designs
  • December 2019 Background #1: Cookies and Photo by Gingerland
  • December 2019 Banner #2: Cookies and Photo by Silver Cloud Cakes; Graphic Design by Pretty Sweet Designs
  • December 2019 Background #2: Cookies and Photo by Silver Cloud Cakes
  • December 2019 Banner #3: Cookies and Photo by Gingerland; Graphic Design by Pretty Sweet Designs
  • December 2019 Background #3: Cookies and Photo by Gingerland
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