So today I made my first ever batch of egg white-based royal icing. Usually I use sugar, corn syrup, water, and flavoring. I wanted to try a more traditional royal icing to see if my decorating results improved with the different texture eggs bring to the table. The bad news . . . my son hated it. I didn't even like it.  For some reason there is a subtle after taste with the egg-based icing. Has anyone had this problem before?  I loved the texture, but if the kids won't eat it . . . well, when it comes to cookies, kids are king. LOL . What went wrong or is this just how it tastes?  I used just plain vanilla for flavoring.

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I think it was the flavoring because it got better tasting after it set for an hour or so.  So far I'm really liking the way traditional icing flows on the cookie and my eyeball transfers have gone really well.  I've had way less center dips and craters. 

Great - any egg-y taste or odor definitely dissipates as it dries.

I too have been experimenting with royal icing.  I have also made my icing with sugar, corn syrup, and flavoring in the past, which tastes great but I feel that using a recipe with meringue gives my cookies a better (less shiny) look.  However, I feel like there is a bit of an aftertaste with this ( a little bitter).  The recipe calls for sugar, cream of tartar, corn syrup, meringue and flavoring ( I use almond flavor).  I tried adding butter flavor and really hated the taste and smell.  What could be causing the bitter flavor? Any thoughts? Maybe I just need more flavoring too but I added a lot already.  


Sadly I don't know.  I used pasteurized egg whites not meringue powder. I wasn't happy with the flat finish though.  So I started experimenting (which as we all know is not always a good thing lol) I ended up doing half royal and half glaze.  So far I'm happy with the results.  Its not as hard or as sweet as the royal icing but it does have more puff to it.  Still not as shiny as i want it though. 😀

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