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Hi, everyone, I've done some searching on the site but haven't found a recent post on this topic (most are old and the links are dead or not working).

It seems a lot of people use "non-toxic" gold luster dusts on their cookies, but it is my understanding that these are not approved for consumption and should not be given to consumers. 

I have used the Wilton dusts and they're okay, but I'm wondering if anyone has found another FDA-approved dust that maybe has a little more "wow" factor? 

I'm totally okay sticking with Wilton if it's the best out there. I'm not okay using the stuff that is not edible.

I tried ordering the dust that SweetAmbs recommends (Crystal Colors edible gold dust), but the company never shipped it, and without a word, they just sent me my money back after I complained through email and phone several times that my order was not being sent. So weird. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I just did an advanced search of the forums for any occurrence of "edible gold luster" and a number of forum posts came up: http://cookieconnection.juliau...agination.sort=SCORE

I think you will find some of this info in these posts, but, if not, we can see what others say here. I don't have much to add to what's in these other posts though - I don't know of any FDA-approved dusts myself other than Wilton (I doubt any small companies subject themselves to a formal FDA approval process and the associated costs, but I could be wrong). I typically just steer clear of ones labeled "for decorative use only", "not for consumption", etc. Some say they are for consumption, but this doesn't necessarily mean the FDA tested and approved them either.

I also just posted a topic about a recall of some Rolkem gold dusts because of edibility issues: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ld-special-rose-gold

P.S. There should be NO broken links to any forum topics on this site (it's impossible to break an internal site link unless it was mistyped by someone). So if you could send me all the broken links that you found (directing to somewhere on this site), I would like to check and correct them. I don't need broken links to other sites, as I cannot control those links.

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Correction: One of the posts in my search above contained a comment from me with a link to this site, which claims to have "FDA-approved" dusts:

So you might want to contact them and inquire. I'd be interested to see their papers from the FDA verifying approval, or to better understand the process they went through to get it.

emilymader posted:

Thanks Julia! The broken links were to other sites which apparently had edible dusts, not links within this one. Sorry for the confusion! 

Global Sugar Art is now distributing the "Roxy Rich" brand of dusts (which I linked to above, and in my previous post). They are apparently FDA-approved and also approved for use in the EU and Canada:

I haven't used them, so cannot attest to how shiny they might be (assuming you want more sheen from your above comments).

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