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I'm very new to this. I am using Wilton colors (I didn't know any better). I am doing black accents on white frosting. I've done a test cookie and there is no bleeding yet (5 hours), how long until I am out of the woods? Am I ever out of the woods? This order is due Sunday and I think the cookies will be eaten either Monday or Tuesday. I'm just worried I'm going to deliver great looking cookies on Sunday only to have them be a mess by Tuesday!


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Hi, this is a tough one to answer precisely, as bleeding depends on soooooo many things: (1) whether you piped wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry; (2) how thick your icings were to start; (3) how humid your drying conditions are; (4) how you dry the cookies . . . basically, the thicker the icings to start and the faster they dry, the less chance of bleeding. That being said, I'd give them a good 24 hours to be sure. I don't think you'll know much at the 5-hour mark. Best of luck! Please show us how they turned out.

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I read somewhere that you get bleeding when there difference in your icing consistency.  

I think that's because when one icing is too loose, it dissolves the other (or delays its setting) and thus bleeding ensues. It's not so much that they're different consistencies; it's just that one is relatively loose.

Thanks for the replies. I'm still watching the cookie with the black on it, however I also mixed up some different colors to use just so I'll feel safer! I also went ahead and ordered a different brand of food colors.

Everyone on here makes beautiful cookies - I hope to one day get up to this level!

Thanks for weighing in.

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