Whether you need a cookie decorator to make something special or an extra set of skilled hands to help you with an order, you're in luck. There are three easy ways to locate cookie decorators on this site who sell cookies:

  1. Post a specific request in this forum, taking care to use a forum topic title that indicates the location (city, state, and/or country) where you're looking for help.
  2. Check out our Decorator Directory document posted in our Clips area, here. We update this document about once a week. If you sell cookies and want to be added to this directory, please read this forum topic for details.
  3. Search for members in your city, state/province, or country. (Note: You can only search the member directory if you are a Cookie Connection member yourself.) To search:
  • Once you've joined the site, click on "Search" in the main navigation line. Select "Members" in the left hand column and then click on the "Advanced Search" link in the upper right. (See first attachment.)
  • To search for all members within an area, enter that area between quotation marks in the "Profile contains keywords . . ." field; then click enter. (See the second attachment for the results returned when I searched the state of MO, my home state.)
  • Once you've isolated those members in your area, click on their profiles and check the field "Cookies For Sale?" to see if they sell cookies, or to directly message them with your cookie inquiry. (To directly message, click on the "Dialogs" box in the upper right of the site and follow the prompts, or email them if they've chosen to publicly display their email address in their profile.)
  • You can also search for "Yes" or "yes" in the "Profile contains keywords . . ." field, and you should get a list of all members on the site who answered "Yes" to the "Cookies For Sale?" question - and any others who used the word "yes" elsewhere in their profile. 

For the speediest results, I recommend a combination of all three search strategies!


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