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A good question Lee.  I'd like to know how to a achieve that look too.

Catherine posted:

There's a shiny spray you can use with an airbrush.  The Cookie Countess sells it.

Catherine,  is there a spray that's available in a can if one doesn't have an airbrush?


pip posted:

Also, does anyone use corn syrup to create shine on a cookie?  Would it dissolve the royal icing?

I've tried corn syrup and it takes FOREVER to dry and even then was still what I'd call "tacky". Does anyone know if drying it in a low temp oven works/helps?

If I want a shiny surface, I paint Starlight Comet White by Rainbowdust on it. For a very soft sheen I use the powder as it is, if I want it more visible I mix it with vodka.

It is slightly sparkling, though, not only shiny.

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