Hi, all, This information came to me via another cookie friend, but was originally posted on the CK Products' website (and still is, here). In case you were wondering about the shortage of their meringue powder product, it is indeed related to the egg shortage. Here's what they said:


"Jun 15, 2015


Important notice of price change and update on US egg supply.


As a result of recent issues, the US egg supply has tightened up over the past few weeks and the price of egg whites has increased 30%. In the near future CK Products will, unfortunately, have to increase price on products containing egg products.


The good news is, we have limited inventory on our floor of the following items that were manufactured with the lower cost egg products. We suggest our customers take advantage of our current inventory supply in advance of the price increase. All quantities are subject to review.


Egg whites are a key ingredient in CK buttercream and Royal icing and we want to make sure we have availability of these items in the all-important holiday season.


CK Products has made the decision to temporarily stop selling the following items listed, in effort to better manage our supply of egg whites.


CKP Meringue powder            CKP Egg whites


76-1504 (4oz)                        76-2504 (4oz)


76-1508 (8oz)                        76-2508 (8oz)


76-1501 (1lb)                         76-2505 (1lb)


                                            76-2550 (50lb)


We’ll update this information as soon as we have a better handle on egg supply balance of year."


Here's the source link again, lest anything above be misquoted: https://www.ckproducts.com/blo...3/Egg-White-Shortage


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