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Woo hoo! I just concluded my recap of this year's Julia M Usher's Cookie Art Competition™ in tonight's Saturday Spotlight! (Read all about it here!) But don't worry, there's more to come . . . as you may or may not know, the 3-D part was turned into a TV documentary for Food Network, and you can bet I'll be the first to give you a heads up when it airs. Right now, the producers are busily editing it, and I'll be filming some teasers for it at the end of August (with a top-secret TV celebrity, I might add )!

And, on that super exciting note, I turn to more mundane matters . . . Next weekend at this time, I'll be teaching in Australia (15 demos in three days - yikes!), so there will be no Saturday Spotlight. Spotlights will resume on August 24.

Have a great week, and I'll "see" you when I get back from Down Under!

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Manu posted:

Can’t wait to see the documentary! I wonder if you could share the teasers here on Cookie Connection...

Safe travels!

I don't know - I imagine the teasers will be copyrighted Food Network material, so probably not. But we'll see - I'm not sure if they intend to use them only on TV, or on both social media and TV.

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