Hi, a Cookie Connection member recently suggested that the site ought to have an option whereby new clips can quickly be viewed in gallery-style format. (More on this idea in a sec.)


Currently, to view new clips, one must click on "Newest Cookies" on the home page and then on "All Clips"; then the clips reveal in thumbnail format. To see a clip at larger scale with all the associated detail, one must click through on the desired thumbnail.


The suggestion would preserve the old way of viewing, but would add the option to view in a gallery format, meaning that one could scroll through the images in larger size simply by hitting a forward or back arrow. To comment on or like an image, or to see any other detail associated with it, one would again have to click on the image. But the photos would initially show larger in the gallery view.


Please vote in the poll below to indicate whether you would be interested in this feature. If enough members are interested, I'll forward the idea to my site support team for consideration. Interest from Cookie Connection members alone does not mean that they will necessarily implement this change, but if they think it is likely to have broad enough appeal (across all of their member sites), then they could possibly implement at no cost to Cookie Connection. (Otherwise, implementation is likely not possible at this time, as it would require considerable investment by Cookie Connection.)

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I personally prefer a gallery style viewing of clips...especially if the previous way is additionally preserved.  When I first started using this site, I searched for a way to view via gallery.  It seems intuitive to me.  There are other times when my brain just wants to scan the newest additions quickly - and I like full array of thumbnails at that time.  It would be nice to have both viewing options.  :-) 

The gallery style viewing option would be a huge addition to the site and make viewing the posts so much easier! I hope enough will see the benefit and vote for it. However, I love this site and SO appreciate all the effort you have put into it for all of us, so if it doesn't happen, I will still greatly appreciate the Cookie Connection!

Thanks for the input. It seems as if there is enough interest in this feature for me to forward this recommendation to my site developers, which I'll do this week. There's no telling if they will implement it (free implementation requires many of their sites, not just one, to express interest in a feature). The current site budget does not permit me to pay for implementation of it, unfortunately, so we'll have to wait and see what my site developers decide. This is a process which can take several weeks to months so please be patient.

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