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Hello, cookiers! I'm concluding our CookieCon 2020 Speakers Series (our series of live chats with CookieCon Core Instructors) with a chat you won't want to miss - especially if you aspire to one day open your own brick-and-mortar cookie shop!

Jackie Huebbe Live Chat Banner

On January 11 at 10 am central time, we'll be chatting with Jackie Huebbe, longtime cookie lover and owner of SugarBot Sweet Shop, which launched in 2012 and has since expanded to two locations in Saint Charles, Missouri. At CookieCon 2020, Jackie will speak about her transition from cubicle-based-oppression (aka her former full-time job) to brick-and-mortar cookie storefront, while giving practical tips for expanding one's cookie business in a cost-effective, profitable, and fun fashion! In our chat, we'll get a taste of some of these tips, as well as delve into Jackie's journey from working in other bakeries to being her own boss.

As always, we relish getting questions in advance (as they allow us to cover more territory during the live chat), so please send us some now! Jackie's chat room is open to receive advance questions here. (BTW, this is the same link to click to join the live chat on January 11.)

To help you formulate your questions, please first review Jackie's bio and social media and website links below. Please also be sure to see the links to our past CookieCon 2020 chat transcripts at the very end of this post.

Jackie Huebbe HeadshotCROPPEDJackie Huebbe has been passionate about baking for as long as she can remember. After being discouraged by friends and family to start a career in baking and pastry immediately after high school, she went to school for marketing and graphic design. After graduating, she spent her days in a cubicle and her evenings in her home kitchen working out her cubicle-shaped frustrations. By 2010, she began working nights and weekends in area bakeries and cafes to gain commercial kitchen experience.

In 2012, Jackie had the unique opportunity to rent commercial kitchen space by the hour, and SugarBot Sweet Shop was born. By 2014, she had graduated culinary school and moved into a brick-and-mortar storefront space full time. In 2015, SugarBot Sweet Shop expanded again, this time into a permanently purchased storefront in Saint Charles, Missouri. In 2018, Jackie expanded the business one more time by acquiring an old-fashioned soda fountain and ice cream parlor roughly a mile from the SugarBot location. She now operates both storefronts and manages a team of 10 (and growing) employees while hoarding all the sugar cookie orders for herself.

For more info about Jackie and her business, check out her website and her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photos and cookie credits: Jackie Huebbe

Jackie and I look forward to seeing you on January 11, 2020!

Again, please enter advance questions in Jackie's chat room, here.


Directly below is an alphabetical list of CookieCon 2020 Core Instructors (and keynote speaker). If the person's name is pink, then we have already chatted with him/her, and you can read that chat transcript by clicking on the person's name.

(Note: I regret that I was unable to round up a couple of this year's Core Instructors prior to CookieCon, but hopefully I'll be able to slate them for future chats.)


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  • SugarBot Sweet Shop's Live Chat Banner: Cookies and Photo by SugarBot Sweet Shop; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • Jackie Huebbe: Photo Courtesy of SugarBot Sweet Shop
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