Hi, all! Lots of folks have joined the site over the holidays, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Cookie Connection contributor @Bakerloo Station (aka Christine Donnelly) runs bimonthly cookie decorating challenges to help stretch our skills and creativity! The current one involves reaching out to a cookie decorator and learning a skill from him/her, and then turning that learning into a cookie or cookie set of your own design. Basically a cookie (skills) swap! You can read more about the challenge, what's required and how to enter, here.

These challenges are primarily intended to be fun and to create connections among members, but I do offer small prizes each time to one randomly drawn entrant, and this time it's a $100 gift certificate to shop at Global Sugar Arts! Woo hoo!

I hope everyone, whether new member or old, will jump in and join the fun. Those members who regularly do the challenges will attest (I believe) not only to the skills they've acquired, but also to the strong friendships they've forged along the way!

Again, more info can be found here. I hope to see your entries beautifying our site very soon!


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