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Ha, fooled ya! Just when you thought my stencil sales were over for a bit, I've got a new one for you! This week, it's 15% off all back-to-school themed stencils on my stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils' site. This sale includes stencils designed by both me and Confection Couture Stencils, and it runs from August 6 to 11, 2019, so don't delay! The coupon code and all of the other sale details are in the poster below.

SHOP HERE: https://www.confectioncoutures...k-to-school-stencils



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  • Back-to-School Stencil Sale Banner: Cookie, Photo, and Stencil by Confection Couture Stencils
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Kimberlie posted:

Are you making new stencils for Halloween? Getting ready to make an order, Iโ€™d rather wait and have them all shipped at once if you are. Thank you.

Yes, I/my partner already released some new Halloween stencils in July. You can see and read about them here: https://cookieconnection.julia...l-release-boo-to-you 

My partner may have a few other new ones too (I don't know for sure, but you would locate them under the "Halloween" section on their site).

Thanks for your business, and enjoy! 

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