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Does anyone have a good recipe or directions on how to bake a LARGE cookie.  I am talking 10 inches or larger? I baked some tonight and they do not look right. The center seems to stay gooey and the edges get hard. I am looking for a sugar cookie recipe. Can anyone help?

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You might just need to roll them thinner and/or bake them at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, so they cook through to the center before the edges get too brown. Also baking on a silicone mat will even the heat distribution to the cookie a lot, and lead to more even baking/browning. But some browning of the edges is likely inevitable with a cookie this large.


Both my sugar cookie and gingerbread recipes bake fully through to the center at this size with no trouble; I really don't alter anything with the recipe, only keep them in the oven slightly longer.

Thank you! I guess practice is what I need. It seems I can never get too much of that! The cookies seem to be ok now that they have cooled and I don't think they will break, but they did not bake up like smaller cookies do. I have never made cookies this big and got a bit freaked out. I had to bake them almost 18 minutes! They didn't burn or get as hard as I was afraid they would. Part of my problem may also be my stove. I may have to get a thermometer to see if it is really getting up to the heat it is set for.

Thermometer is a good idea, but if you are using a home oven, is important to read the instructions of your oven, some of them have recomendations where to put things acording what you are baking.  At diferent levels diferent temperatures for some ovens.   I reallly have battled with the oven brands here in my city, because I have had problems with a pair of brands and today ovens are made ´for people that don't bake,, only to show a beautiful kitchen, so the brands are not takeing care of the oven.   But there are a few like me that uses it often.

I do have a silicone sheet, so I will try it next time. I think I will be baking a few more this wee Thank you for your responses. I so wonder though, Julia, do you ever get to sleep?


I sleep about 5-6 hours a night on average. Very busy time for me in the last couple of years.

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