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I am looking for a cookie maker in my 305 area. Like the cookies I saw on Etsy.
I am looking to order more items at this moment. I am looking for all ALL ideas for celebrating my 50th Jubilee on 9-19-2015 in Miami, FL, USA. I have the venue, the location. My party theme is Burberry, the plaid, tartan, gingham, checkers design... also looking for a "Cookie Baker" in my area... cookies in the shapes or decorated with the 4 main colors of Burberry: red, black, tan, white... shapes of shoes, high heels, men's tie, top hat, bows, roses. AND same for the stickers, party favors, banners, balloons, paper goods... anything and all ideas, props, recommendations that you may find and/or recommend for me. Thank you, Barbara

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Barbara - Did you ever download our Decorator Directory and look at who's listed there? There are 9 members in Florida and at least one in the Miami, Florida area. You might try contacting them directly, since they opted into that list - meaning they are interested in serving cookie orders. Here's the link: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ectory-readonly-xlsx


Just click on the document title to download; the entries are sorted by state and city already. Hope it helps! Have a great birthday!

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