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Looking for a custom logo that represents you and/or your business? 

Pretty Sweet Designs created the Cookie Connection logo and designs all of our site backdrops! The process with Elizabeth is quick and simple, and Elizabeth is not just creative, but also true to her word. She always delivers as promised!

You can check out Pretty Sweet Designs' work on her Etsy shop here:

And as always with Pretty Sweet Designs, if you purchase a logo, you get a FREE watermark!


PrettySweetDesignsMay2014-SHARED 5-6-2014


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  • Pretty Sweet Designs Banner: Courtesy of Pretty Sweet Designs
Original Post
Cookie Lovin Mom posted:

Just what I am looking for but is says she is currently not taking orders.  Does anyone know another way you make your small home cottage bakery business?  Not much $$$ either I might add.


Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by "another way you make your small home cottage bakery business"?? Are you looking for a graphic designer, or something else? If the former, I don't have a good option for you if Elizabeth is no longer taking design business. I've usually found designers locally (in town), but I haven't had a need for a designer in a while. 

One idea might be to approach your local university or community college to see if a student might be willing to do the work for you. Student work can be a pretty inexpensive way to go, though more supervision/guidance is sometimes necessary.

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