I am in the state of Texas and looking to start my business under the cottage industry law. Would love to hear how to get started - business structure, average price for liability insurance, and any other tips you can offer. 


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Start making a research about the other bussines around you, prices, quality, times.   Don't worry if some of them give lower prices it they have not same talent or quiality, people will look for better quality and taste.  But you can have also a cheap line if the neigborhood wants it and if you want to take that choice (I personaly did not wanted it, but it was my choice).

I would first write a business plan, which should help you hone your focus on your actual goal(s) and how you might best reach them. (You will need one if you want or need to borrow money anyway.) I'd create a sample budget to figure costs and potential profits. You'll likely have to do your own research to get rate ranges on insurances and the like, as they may differ across the country...same with supply costs for local suppliers near you. Being realistic and as thorough as possible at this stage could save you time, money and heartbreak down the line.


Best of luck!

I am also in Texas and I own a Cake Supply Shop and sell cookies under the Texas Cottage Law. If you want to start a home based cookie business this is where you should start. http://texascottagefoodlaw.com 

You can get a liability insurance quote from any commercial insurance agency. If you plan on selling from your home I don't think you need one.

The link above should get you going in the write direction.  

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