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Surprise! I told you last month that we were wrapping up our CookieCon Speakers Series . . . but, lucky for you, I lied!  As it turns out, the wonderfully creative Toni Miller of The Sprinkle Factory (and CookieCon 2020 Core Presenter) will be joining us for a live chat on March 7, 2020 (10 am central), shortly after CookieCon! 

Live Chat Banner - Toni Miller

I've long been enamored with Toni's delightful and colorful Instagram page. (If you haven't yet seen it, you should!) It's bright, cheery, expertly photographed, and, most important, purposeful to the point that it's garnered her a sizable following (24K at last count!)!

At CookieCon, Toni will be teaching a crash course in cookie photography, where she'll quash the misconception that you need a bunch of expensive equipment and lights to present your work at its best. Of course, we'll want to explore this topic in our chat too, but I'm also extremely curious to hear her thoughts about social media strategy, and more about her new venture, The Sprinkle Factory Library! Any other (cookie-related) topics are also fair game, as always!

Toni's chat room is now open to receive advance questions here. I encourage you to log some questions before we go live, as, that way, we can get through many more questions on live chat day! To help fuel your questions, please check out Toni's bio and social media links below! We look forward to "seeing" you at the chat on March 7!

Toni CroppedToni Miller is the baker and treat designer at The Sprinkle Factory (TSF) blog and Instagram page, published author, and founder of TSF Library, a digital subscription service for cookiers. Over her ten years as a baker and decorator, she’s captured the hearts of fellow decorators and cookie enthusiasts across the web with her distinct style of colorful, fun, and punny cookies. If a plate of salad cookies or a giant spoonful of cereal cookies doesn’t capture your attention, her bright storytelling dessert photography with a side of sprinkles will do the trick!

Outside of the cookie studio, Toni is happily married to her high school sweetheart, who currently serves in the US military. Together, they have four sweet mess-makers ranging from toddler to tween, with a set of twins in the mix. When they are not traveling the world together, they are sneaking into the studio to flood a few extra cookies!

To learn more about Toni, check out her website and Instagram page.

Photos and cookie credits: Toni Miller

Again, please enter advance questions in Toni's chat room, here.


Directly below is an alphabetical list of CookieCon 2020 Core Instructors (and keynote speaker). If the person's name is pink, then we have chatted with him/her, and you can read that chat transcript by clicking on the person's name.


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  • Live Chat Banner for Toni Miller: Cookies and Photos by Toni Miller; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • Toni Miller: Photos Courtesy of Toni Miller
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WOW!!! I'm already following Toni's Instagram page, but I didn't know the website yet! I like the website straight away !!!  I love the bright colors !!! They sparkle with joie de vivre !! So amazing Toni !!!!!

It is a wonderful contribution that invites you to linger !!

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