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Hi, all! It’s a new year, and, with it, Cookie Connection's site tech platform, now called and run by Social Strata, is rebranding themselves.

They are changing the name of to Crowdstack, effective next Monday, January 20, 2020. That new name will be reflected in the logo you see below. Their company name will remain Social Strata.

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 12.26.59 AM

According to the email I received from them this morning, this rebranding better characterizes their service, which is an application to help users engage with their “crowd”.

The new name will also support better SEO (search engine optimization) and avoid confusion with other digital services. It also works better with voice-controlled devices (meaning it’s hard for voice recognition systems to misspell). I don't know about all of that; I just think that little blue bird is so darn cute!

Essentially the only way this change will impact Cookie Connection members is that the current "powered by" logo (at the bottom of every page of this site) will change to a "powered by Crowdstack" logo (similar to what you see below). All other operations of the site will remain the same, and all of the people working behind the scenes will too!

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 12.27.14 AM

But, again, that sweet little blue bird is a huge improvement over the abstract teal "H" (for "") we had before, right?! 


Images (2)
  • New Crowdstack Logo: Courtesy of Crowdstack (formerly
  • New Crowdstack Site Footer: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
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