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More good news, as far as savings to you go! I've long been a SugarVeil® affiliate because I love their products and service. Their lace is particularly great for covering 3-D projects and making embellishments for 2-D ones, and, in addition to making the lace, their mats are awesome dough-embossing tools. In the last week or so, SugarVeil® revamped their affiliate program, making it easier for me to bring you big savings throughout the year. So, as of today, you can earn 15% off ANYTHING on the SugarVeil® site AT ANY TIME just by using the coupon code JULIA (not case-sensitive) at checkout.

Disclaimer: With each sale on this coupon code, Cookie Connection earns a small referral fee, which is used to keep this site running. Without the proceeds from this affiliate program and our others (Arkon, Confection Couture Stencils, etc.), it would impossible to keep this site afloat. So, thank you, @SugarVeil for including me in your program. Such an honor!

Please bookmark this post for future reference, or look in our home page site sidebar for the image above and a reminder of the code.

All for now! Have fun shopping!



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  • SugarVeil®  Affiliate Program Banner: Logo Courtesy of SugarVeil®; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
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