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It's my eventual goal to have more of my own cookie designs but right now I sometimes use designs dreamed up (really I should say, painstakingly crafted) by other cookiers. I assume that if someone posted a tutorial on how to make their cookie, then they are okay with other people using their ideas. But what is the etiquette on using someone else's design, especially if you sell the cookies? Should I contact each person, where possible and ask for permission? 

I try to do it less and less because I feel that it's unfair, and it bugs me. After all, the design is the essential part. Thoughts?

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Yes, contact each person and ask if s/he is okay with you using the design for the purpose you intend to use it. And ask specifically how s/he wants to be credited if you use his/her work, and honor that request. Designs and photos are copyrighted material, and each copyright holder has the legal right to say how s/he wants his/her work handled.

I make tutorials, and I expect people to try out my designs to learn and grow. I would hope they would credit me as their inspiration if they post their copies of my work. I do not allow people to use my projects to sell classes or in their own tutorials, as this cuts into my own bread and butter. (Exception: If they're using my stencils to make cookies, they can do whatever they want to do with those cookies.) Each designer will likely have a different take on this, which is why you must ask and not assume.

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