Yes, you got that right! Even though CookieCon 2018 is over, I'll be wrapping up live chats and Cookier Close-up interviews with the remaining CookieCon instructors in the coming days and months. Stay tuned for interviews with @Hillary Ramos (aka The Cookie Countess), @Jodi Till (with whom we chatted just last weekend, here), and @Anne Yorks (aka Flour Box Bakery), as well as both chats and interviews with @Andrea Walters (aka Andy Kay's Cookies) and Katy Metoyer (aka @Sugar Dayne). All of this activity will probably keep me (and you!) busy through the end of 2018 - just in time to start this all over again for the next CookieCon in March 2019

So who's on tap for the next chat?! Good question - glad you asked! It's none other than Andrea Walters of Andy Kay's Cookies.


At CookieCon, Andrea presented a class called "The Twists and Turns of Script", which was all about improving your handwriting with royal icing, as you can see from the official CookieCon "Class Highlight" below. We also spoke with Andrea back in January 2018, as part of a group live chat with contestants in the 2017 Food Network Christmas Cookie Challenge. (Read that transcript here.)


In this chat, on October 6, 10 am central, the focus will be on Andrea's talk at CookieCon, but you, of course, are free to digress to matters of TV competitions, teaching, and whatever else your heart desires! Her chat room is now open to receive advance questions. Just click here, and follow the instructions at the top of the page that opens up. This link is also the one to click if you want to join the live chat on October 6.

Please take a moment before the chat to get to know Andrea better by checking out her brief bio below, her Facebook and Instagram pages, her previous Cookie Connection chat, and this clip from her Food Network debut. Experience shows that, when participants do a little homework beforehand, we are able to delve more deeply in the short hour that we have online. (The ages-old question of how to avoid craters is a good one, but we've covered that topic super well at this point! )

Andrea CroppedAndrea Walters. What happens when you take one slightly obsessive, artistic, and highly practical stay-at-home mom and introduce her to the world of cookie dough, icing, and endless design possibilities? A perfect storm named Andy Kay's Cookies. Andrea is known for her mad coffee drinking skills and keeping two kiddos alive while creating custom sugar cookies. Andrea is married to her best friend Jeff, and they are proud parents of two young daughters. Andrea was recently a finalist on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge. She can be found thinking outside the cookie cutter, usually with a piping bag in hand, all while learning life lessons through the fog of flour and sugar.

Photo and cookie credits: Andrea Walters

Andrea and I look forward to "seeing" many of you on the chat, but, again, if you can't make it, you can enter questions for Andrea at any time. Just click here to go to her chat room, and take it from there!


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