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yani posted:
Julia M. Usher posted:

If you'd like to be listed in our downloadable Decorator Directory, please post all of the information listed below in the comments area here. This directory is a listing of only those members who sell cookies, either within their region or beyond. For a complete member listing, go to the Members area on this site.


Please review the directory first to check the format of the information that we post. Please also allow about a week month to be added to the directory. (NOTE: We recently changed from a weekly to a monthly update cycle due to the relatively small number of updates each week.) Many thanks!


P.S. This directory is only available to members of this site, and should not be downloaded and distributed beyond those on this site.


Information to Supply:

All info is optional, of course, though the more you supply, the easier it will be for potential customers to reach you.

  • Name of Business
  • Name of Owner
  • Business Location (city, state/province, and country, please!)
  • Locations Served (i.e., local only, ship within country, ship internationally)
  • Website, Blog, or Facebook Page URL (one address only, please!)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number 

To be removed from this list at any time, please post a note in the comments area below, or email

Great, @yani! You just missed this month's update, but you will be first to go on the list in early July!

Lani posted:

Thanks, @Lani, I'll be updating the directory again around July 1. Stay tuned!

Hi, all! I just updated the directory for the month of July (a bit early!) and added @yani and @Sandi Vanderwall. I also updated @Lani's entry to include the locations she serves. The latest version of the directory can be found here.

IMPORTANT: @Sandi Vanderwall, you did not supply me with the "locations served" information, so I was not able to include it this time. If you want to add that information, please post it in a comment under this post, and I will add it around August 1, the time of the next update. Thanks!

Everyone else, if you're not familiar with our directory, it's a great resource for getting your business name in front of customers - I refer inquiries to it a few times each week. So if you haven't joined the listing, please consider doing so in July before next month's update.

The next update will be around August 1, 2018.

P.S. If you're already listed, please review your entries. If any corrections are needed, please post them in the comments area here. And don't forget to send me the hyperlinks/URLs to your Facebook or website pages; I am much less likely to make mistakes (and to find your page!!!) if you spoon-feed me exactly what you want listed. Thanks!

Sandi Vanderwall posted:

On the spreadsheet I forgot to indicate "Location Served" - Country is NO and International is NO. 

Great, thank you! I'll make these changes around August 1 at the time of the next update. For now, the spreadsheet has those boxes indicated with a "?", and the notes next to your entry say to contact you for more information about locations served.

Sandi Vanderwall posted:

Thank you so much.  You are really "on the ball"!  Hope to meet you at this year's Cookie Con.   Sandi

 Actually, I won't be at CookieCon again this year due to other cookie engagements, but I do plan to be there in 2019.

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