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Hi, all, Just a quick note to let you know that the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #25 recap will post sometime between November 11 and 15, rather than in its usual Saturday Spotlight slot on November 11. In addition, the next challenge (#26) is likely to be posted on December 2 or December 3 rather than the week following the previous (#25) recap.

Let me assure you, these delays have nothing to do with @Bakerloo Station, our marvelous challenge host, and have everything to do with me! I am traveling most of the month of November, so these tweaks are making it easier for me to work around my travel/teaching commitments.

Thanks for understanding! The next challenge promises to be another great one, thanks to Bakerloo! 

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Love Cookies posted:

Will you ever come to South Africa? 

I'd LOVE to, but where I travel is dictated by where I get invitations to teach (from someone who is willing to pay both travel and teaching fees). So far, I've had no invitations from South Africa, but if you know of a possible interested host venue, please do let me know! 

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