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I just joined and am excited about the future of my fledgling homemade cookie business! I am not baking from home; I am able to use a commercial kitchen for which I am being charged $200/month. I also bought liability insurance for $300/year and  I am taking an online food handling course for $15 in the very near future.

My question then is, how do I include the above costs into my cookies so I have that covered? Right now there is no other labor, I have priced out all the ingredients, etc. I sell them by the dozen.

Any help is already greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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First, congrats on your new endeavor!

We have a number of great blog posts about cookie pricing and the business of cookies on the site, so I suggest you check them out. Here are two to start:


Also, a word of caution about the words, "Right now there is no other labor". Don't forget that YOU are labor - you need to charge to cover your labor costs AND make a profit; otherwise, sustainable growth will be impossible. Michelle's post (the first one above) discusses this point in more detail.

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