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Hi, all! I JUST noticed that this recent site upgrade changed all mentions of "Clips" in the main navigation and sub-navigation lines to "Resources". Unfortunately, this change (which was imposed on all communities without any discussion with hosts) creates a lot of complexity for me since "Clips" is referred to in countless site posting rules and blog posts throughout the site. I've asked my site tech guys how I can change "Resources" back to "Clips", because I don't think the wording change lends any clarity; it just creates tons of make-work for me in changing site start-up posts.

Further, this change is doubly confusing because we already had a "Resources" section in the main navigation line. Now, there are two! 

What's more, this change seems to be causing the main navigation line to lap to two lines on many screen views (because "Resources" is longer than "Clips"), which makes it difficult for one to access one's member profile. See screenshot below, where my member profile is hidden.

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 2.54.51 PM

I'll let you know if/when it gets changed back; in the meantime, clips should get posted to the "Resources" section (the first "Resources" on the main navigation line . . . ). I am so sorry. This change came unannounced to me while I am on vacation, and it is really the last thing I want to be dealing with right now. 

*** UPDATE - 9-24-2020, 9:22 pm CT ***

I seem to have changed most every occurrence of "resource" and "resources" back to "clip" and "clips".  However, if you stumble upon any remaining "resource" or "resources" occurrences that look like they should be changed, please email me a screenshot (to, and I will look into it. Thanks so much! Now, back to vacation! 


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Looks like it's been fixed?


Yep, five hours later after changing every occurrence of "resource" or "resources" on the site, I think I have fixed it . . .

If you see any stray "resource"s or "resources"s remaining in areas that should read "clip" or "clips", please send a screenshot of what you see. I can then search the occurrence of that phrase on the site, and then do a mass-change of all such occurrences. Thanks!

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