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Cookiers Helping Cookiers - Part 3

Hi, all! We had another fun and informative Zoom call last Friday night, thanks to our site contributor, the lovely and ever-helpful Dotty Raleigh, aka @SugarDotCookies. If you missed the call, the good news is: you can find the recording here in our Video Clips area! Note: Once again, I forgot to start the recording at the beginning of the call, so most of the caller introductions done early in the chat are missing. However, the meat of the conversation, where we brainstormed ideas for boosting cookie revenue, is captured. As one who does not sell my cookies, I found it especially interesting to learn from those who do. That said, I think both sellers and non-sellers alike will find valuable lessons about adapting to these times in the recording, so I encourage you to give it a listen.

As a reminder, this call was the THIRD get-together in our Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19 series. The first one was conducted in April as a text-based chat on Cookie Connection. You can find that chat transcript here. The second one was conducted on Zoom, and you can find that video recording here.

I hope you all found this series helpful. Thanks again to Dotty for organizing all of these get-togethers and for guiding the discussions in each. She did an awesome job, just as she does on our site surveys! (BTW, you can find Dotty's survey recaps here.)

Also, thanks to all who participated and shared their personal experiences so freely and generously. Without you, these chats would have no meaning. Below is a screenshot of Friday's happy participants (minus a few who left before the call ended).


As of this posting date, I am not sure if we'll do another chat in this series, but stay tuned for future announcements. More chats, even if not of this exact variety, are sure to come! Again, you can find this video recording here.


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  • "Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19" Zoom Call Banner: Photo from Shutterstock; Graphic Design by Julia M Usher
  • August 14 Zoom Call Participants: Screenshot Courtesy of Dotty Raleigh
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