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Hi, all! We had a fun and fabulous Zoom call today, and you can find the recording here in our Video Clips area. Note: I started recording after a brief intro of our host Dotty (aka @SugarDotCookies) and an overview of the call's goals and Zoom features, so I apologize that this context is missing from the video.

As a reminder, the call was a continuation of our first “Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19” chat conducted in April. We used the time to connect, face to face (finally!), and share our experiences as we emerge from coronavirus stay-at-home orders. While topics ranged the gamut, a good deal of time was spent on online teaching and how various cookiers are doing that now that in-person classes are virtually nonexistent.

Please also see the attendance list, attached; it has people's cookie names to help you maintain connections elsewhere online! It also provides a link to a document camera (Ipevo VZ-1 HD) that we discussed in the chat. It's a great tool for projecting your work area during online (or in-person) classes.


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  • "Cookiers Helping Cookiers" Zoom Call Banner: Graphic Design by Julia M Usher; Source Image from Shutterstock
  • Zoom Attendance List and Ipevo Source Link: Screenshot from Zoom Call, May 30, 2020
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