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So, I am a beginner and at times get sloppy with royal icing. So I have finally finished a cookie that I am really pleased with but unfortunately I did get some icing on the sides of my cookie from my messy hands. Is there an easy way to take that off?  I used a sharp knife to scrape it off but just wondered if there are other tips and tricks (besides not being a messy decorator which I am trying to improve on). Actually, I have decorated cakes and cookies for years with buttercream and fondant, but have always been interested in royal icing so I have jumped in with both feet.

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Sometimes wiping a damp cloth or running a small damp paint brush along the edge can get it off. It's best to get the icing early though, before it gets really dry. Also, I'd recommend putting your cookies on small cake cardboards, or even pieces of paper towel, so you can handle the cardboard or the towel rather than the cookie while decorating. This will prevent a lot of mess to start with.

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Rather than removing the dry icing (which can be scary - I’d hate for a chunk of cookie to come off with it), you could try covering it with more icing. Maybe a ruffle border that extends over the side or you could try painting icing on to the sides with a paintbrush to give it some texture. You could also make a band out of fondant that covers the edge.

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