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Woo hoo! This month, our site artist is none other than our resident fondant queen, @Lorena Rodríguez. In addition to allowing us to beautify our site banner and backdrop with her stunning fondant work, Lorena is serving as a guest judge in our ongoing Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge, which is about dressing up cookies using only fondant. Surely there is no cookier more qualified than Lorena to evaluate fondant-covered cookies! For more info about this challenge, which is open until January 2 and features a wonderful prize ($100 value) donated by @LisaF, click here. And, of course, please read on to learn more about Lorena and her work.

Directly below is Lorena's art that you'll see gracing the site background and banner this month. Thanks, Lorena, for your contributions, and thanks too to Site Art Stylist @Icingsugarkeks for translating Lorena's original cookie posts (found here, here, and here!) into the site-compatible forms you see here.


2021_12b_backgroundUSE THIS BACKGROUND

As always, I'll be conducting an in-depth Cookier Close-up with Lorena, but it will be a couple of months before I get to it, as previous site artist interviews with @LisaF and then @Edyta Kołodziej are up next. I hope to have Lisa's interview posted this month, followed by Edyta's in January and then Lorena's. 'Til then, please check out Lorena's bio and various social media links below. And enjoy her festive work on the site!

Lorena-CROPPEDIt's quite possible that you’ve already seen @Lorena Rodríguez's creations on social media, because she’s been around for a while, surprising everyone with her world-class cookie design. With formal studies and a long career as a graphic and interior designer for top companies and individuals in Costa Rica, Lorena started baking and designing cookie favors as gifts for her friends and family on holidays. Word got out that her aesthetic was impressive and so her hobby transformed into a business. From her homeland of Costa Rica, Lorena designs, fabricates, and ships worldwide an ever-growing collection of cookie decorating sets. Her goal is to allow anyone – from amateurs to pro bakers - to create professional-looking cookie favors in a very simple and practical way. Because each of Lorena's kits is a complete aesthetic solution, all one must do is follow some simple instructions without having to worry about design and composition. Now Lorena's collection of cookie kits consists of over 40 designs, all of them originally created by Lorena and available at or on

To learn more about Lorena's work, please visit her Cookie Connection portfolio or Instagram page.

All cookies and photos by Lorena Rodríguez.

Last but not least, for those of you who are wondering how to get featured, it's easy! Simply read these posts here and here. Remember: Site artists not only get their work featured prominently for a full month, but they also get profiled in a forum post and in an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview. All considered, it's a lot of great free PR in exchange for photo sharing! When preparing your site art, please bear in mind that I already have artwork through June 2022, so I am specifically looking for art for July 2022 and beyond. Please also remember that @Icingsugarkeks, our Site Art Stylist, is available to help you get your photos in the right format, so do not hesitate to contact her if you need assistance! You can send her a PM right here on Cookie Connection by clicking on her name (in pink) above.


Images (3)
  • December 2021 Site Banner: Cookies and Photos by Lorena Rodríguez; Graphic Design by Icingsugarkeks
  • December 2021 Site Background: Cookies and Photos by Lorena Rodríguez; Graphic Design by Icingsugarkeks
  • Lorena Rodríguez: Photo Courtesy of Lorena Rodríguez
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