Say Hello to Our March Site Artist

Well, you won't have to shout very far to say "hi", because, this month, that site artist is none other than me! I think you all know me pretty well by now, so I won't insert any bio or other intro material here as I usually do. If you happen to be interested in the extended version of how I got started in baking and decorating, you can read all of those sweet (and sometimes sordid) details on my personal website.

Oh, here's what my March cookie contribution looked like in photo form before it was uploaded to the site:

March 2018 Banner - MEMarchBackground

One last, but VERY IMPORTANT thing: Believe me, I hate to bore you with old cookie images of mine, but I am now officially out of site art contributions from others. I would SO SO SO much prefer to post your beautiful material in our banner and backdrop, so I urge anyone who might be thinking of contributing to take the leap! It's super easy to do. You can just crop old cookie photos; no new decorating is required. All I am seeking is content that fits with the month for which you are submitting it, and ideally the look/colors of the site, and which is cropped to particular specifications. But you can read all of these details, and more info about where to submit your material, here.

Further, all contributors will get their work featured prominently in the site's banner and backdrop for a full month, plus the added PR benefits of a forum post introducing you as our Cookie Artist of the Month and a Cookier Close-up interview! Woo hoo! (Aside: Please stay tuned for our Cookier Close-up with @GinkgoWerkstatt, our February site artist. I apologize for running a bit late with it, but it should post in the next day or so!)

Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for considering the possibility of beautifying our site - and letting me spread the word about your work!


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Such a shame that others are so hesitant to submit their art as possible site-backgrounds. Such a great chance to get your art seen by many people. ♥

Love the freshness of your cookies as a background! Feels like spring, even though winter just kinda started here with lots of snow (we had none the past months), haha.

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