Seeking a CookieCon Correspondent or Correspondent Team

Hi, all! Since I can't make it to CookieCon this year due to competing engagements, I'm seeking someone who is already going to CookieCon and also interested in acting as a CookieCon correspondent for Cookie Connection


So what does this really mean? It means I'd love for someone (or some collection of people*) to cover each day of the event in a short series of blog posts including photos (and ideally some short videos) that would get featured here on Cookie Connection. One of the posts should highlight the winners of the annual Sugar Show and Mystery Cookie Competition, but other topics are fair game. Last year, I did short video interviews with many of the instructors, for instance. And this year, there are some new features to CookieCon, such as the before-conference classes taught by independent instructors and a Decorator Face-Off, hosted by Liz Adams (Arty McGoo) and her husband, which could serve as great fodder. 


I am looking for eager cookiers from anywhere who are also adept with the written word (English, preferably) and their cameras. 


The "position" would be done on a volunteer basis, with me offering up as much exposure on Cookie Connection and in my social media outlets as I can possibly muster.


If anyone is interested, please email me privately at before August 1 to discuss the possibility and ideas in more detail. I look forward to hearing from some of you soon!


*NOTE: I am definitely open to multiple correspondents (i.e., a team) so that individuals can cover what each wants, divvy the load, and have plenty of time to enjoy the show. Plus, working as a team could be a fun way to make new cookie friends!

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