I have made Julia's Signature Sugar Cookie Dough for probably close to 1,000 cookies adding different flavourings and spices.

I am planning on making hockey puck cookies for me nephew's birthday and would like to make them as a chocolate cookie. 

Has anyone tried adding cocoa to the recipe, and do they turn out as well as the regular ones? Love to hear from an expert.  

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Hi, Val! So glad to hear you're using my recipe. I've never added cocoa to it, but cocoa will have a drying and un-sweetening effect (if you use unsweetened cocoa powder), so you may have to substitute it, one-for-one, some of the flour and possibly add some sugar. Please let us know how your experiments go!

Hi Julia, Thanks for your speedy response.  I made the cookies today and they taste great - definitely a keeper, very chocolatey.  As I was making a double recipe, I replaced 3/4 cup flour with 3/4 cup Hersheys cocoa.  Also added 2 tsps of vanilla. I didn't change the sugar as I thought that once I ice  them they would still be plenty sweet.   I had some of the regular dough in the freezer so baked the two types together using the same cookie cutters, both plain and fluted, to see if there was a difference in the spread when they baked.  The only difference seems to be that the cocoa ones with the fluted cutter actually have a sharper edge and didn't spread at all, so good all around! 

Thanks so much for your advice, you are a cookie maker to be reckoned with!

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Val Newbie posted:

BTW have you tried the Lorann orange emulsion with your regular sugar cookie?  It is hands down the favourite flavour I make - everyone asks for it again. It works incredibly well with your recipe. Tx again!

I haven't; I usually use oils or zests when doing citrus-flavored cookies; they work well too.

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