Site Art Swap!

In case you thought you were seeing double, you weren't! Yes, the site background and banner art has changed for the second time in one month, because we have not one, but two honored site artists in May!

As a refresher, @Sandra Garvey's glorious work decked the site until today, and now we're featuring @Kim Damon's vibrant Mother's Day tea set, just in time to ring out our moms' special day. In the event that you were wondering why the art you now see on the site doesn't match what we showed in our earlier intro post here, Kim recently offered up a newer version of the art she had previously submitted, and I decided to run with it instead. Both submissions are awesome, but something indescribable about the added pink and yellow in the new set, below, just spoke to me. Thanks, Kim! 

May 2017 Banner - KIMREVKimsBestBackground

Thank you too to Sandra for her lovely work that we have enjoyed for the last two weeks. And, don't forget: I'll be posting an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview with Sandra in about a week. In the meantime, read more about our May site artists, Kim and Sandra, here.


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