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I did a search and did not find anything about this particular product I am wondering about. I became aware of the smART Sketcher recently.  It is a way of projecting images onto paper in order to sketch them.  It looks like it was designed for children but is marketed for ages 5 - 105.  I have done some research and it appears that with the free app that can be downloaded for it, you can project your own pictures onto a surface.  The only thing it won't do---I don't think-- is allow you to make an image smaller.  It seems that to make that happen the surface you are sketching on must be elevated.  Can I get some opinions on this product for sketching images onto cookies if anyone has any?

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I’ve never used the product either, but I would be wary. There are many 1-star reviews, one of the common complaints is specifically around using your own images (which I imagine you would want to do almost exclusively.) It also seems like a severe handicap to not be able to resize the images. It’s also pretty expensive for a toy. You can probably get a lower end projector for just a little bit more investment. That in combination with the Camera Lucida app (which does let you resize images, angle them, mirror, and more) will serve you soooo much better.

freshoutoftheoven88 posted:

I got it. Plan on returning. The images were either to blurry or they were distorted. I really wanted it to work. 

Thank you.  I will avoid it.  I think I am just going to save up for a pico.

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