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I bought some new meringue powder that I haven’t used before (chef master).  I’ve been getting specks in my icing that I can feel when I rub the icing between my fingers.  I didn’t get that with Wilton meringue.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this might be happening?D5E65818-9EE9-4327-94EE-94622844C830C72E9CA2-C4A8-4AA6-9C20-389E1BE95CEE


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  • D5E65818-9EE9-4327-94EE-94622844C830: Grainy icing
  • C72E9CA2-C4A8-4AA6-9C20-389E1BE95CEE: Grainy icing
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I was actually getting this with Wilton from time to time and what I started doing was mixing the meringue power with the water and letting it sit for maybe 15-20 minutes and then add the remaining ingredients. It seemed to do the job for me. There might be a few little specks left but the water seems to soften them enough that they eventually dissolve by the time I use the icing.

Try hydrating it with warm water before adding it to everything else. The water may help to dissolve the little clumps. (I make my icing from scratch though, so I never have this issue.)

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