Heads up, everyone! Dotty Raleigh's (aka @SugarDotCookies') latest edition of Sugar Dot Surveys has posted, here! She and I are hoping you can fill out this brief survey (it takes no more than 5 minutes) by February 3, 2019, so Dotty can analyze and recap your responses by the end of February. As the banner says, this survey is about dough thickness and the tools, if any, you most often use to control dough thickness.

If you're not familiar with these surveys, that may be because they are relatively new to our site. We first welcomed Dotty as an official Cookie Connection contributor about two months ago when she launched her premiere survey about the speed-drying of royal icing. (You can find her recap of those survey results here.) Basically, the concept behind Sugar Dot Surveys is this: We have so much to learn from each other, but too few ways to share that information efficiently and systematically. To bridge this info gap, Dotty will ask you every other month to complete a short survey about your use of a particular cookie decorating tool or ingredient, or about a certain business practice or decorating technique. Then, after collecting your input for two weeks, she'll analyze it and share a summary on our blog for everyone to review! Woo hoo!

Please read more about Dotty below, and then take her latest survey here! Thanks in advance for participating!

Dotty Raleigh Sugar Dot CookiesDotty Raleigh (aka @SugarDotCookies) is the owner of Sugar Dot Cookies. Her business began in 2013 with taking custom cookie orders, and has since grown to include teaching decorating classes and hosting cookie parties. Recently, she began teaching a series of online classes called "Cookies as Business" and providing business ebooks, which cover everything from finding the optimum shop location and workflow management to pricing and packaging cookies. Dotty loves sharing her years of experience and encouraging those just getting started in their own cookie businesses. You can also find Dotty on Facebook and Instagram.

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