Hi all!  I've just become a US distributor for Sugar Stamps.  I saw them online, fell in love, and had to have them!  They're design sheets made specifically for meringues but I've found that they work beautifully with candy melts also.  You can make little candy kisses, bark, lollipops, covered oreos.....

The designs are beautiful and they're so easy to use!

Through my experiments I haven't found a way to get them to work with royal icing yet.  They need heat to complete the transfer.

Sugar Stamps

You can see them in action, in a video, on my website.


They're also available for purchase there.

Any questions, just ask.  Thanks for looking!


Sugar Stamps


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nice video  tutorial   congrats   bravooooo     wondering how it could be used on royal icing especially if you need heat for the image/s to transfer    i have chocolate transer sheets  and out of curiosity played to see if i could have images transferred to royal icing         didn't work         though i recall reading it could be done but i cannot remember where i saw it     I  havn't went back to sellers site  though

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