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Karen, sharing this receipt makes you supreme for sharing a receipt another person would secretly preserve ;o)

BTW, i think i have been using a very similar receipt, the ingredients are the same. Everytime i use it, i just think it doesn't need dehydrator. And the receipt was shared to me by another person.♡

Thank you for sharing your recipe. The kids at our church make cookie decorations every year, I am definitely trying this recipe.  I'm hoping this will be easier one cookie at a time instead of doing multiple cookies.

Pip & Bakerloo...I cannot explain exactly why this icing dries as quickly as it does or resuces craters. Yes, I do believe the cream of tartar plays an important role.  What i do know is that many batches of icing were made and experimented with by changing measurements, brands of ingredients, time mixing and other steps. The combo of the MP, cream of tartar and mixing time would be most important. Whatever, the reason for its quick drying and smooth surface-it works. ��

Hi Karen. I have used your royal icing recipe for years. I also think I remembered you having a smaller batch recipe too. If so would you mind providing a link for that one. I have been googling it and cannot locate it. I recently lost your recipe and thought I had the small batch with it too. Thank you in advance.

I've never used corn syrup or cream of tartar in my RI, and my recipe is very similar to this. It gets really humid here in the Summer and flooded cookies need to dry overnight in order for me to package the next day. I'll have to give this a shot sometime!

Hi Karen! Thank you for sharing your RI recipe. I've been struggling with icing craters way too much and I just don't know what else to do. I'm gonna try your recipe for sure! I just want to ask: can I just skip the Vanilla and Butter flavors? I use a MP that has a good taste so I currently don't add any extra flavor to my RI. But I guess if I don't add the flavors in using your recipe I'll get a very different consistence from the original. What can I use to subbstitute the Butter and Vanilla flavors? 

 @Julia M. Usher could you help me? I just saw Karen's last visit was in 2017, hope you're having a great day.

Thank you from advance! 

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regarding the flavoring. Can you use lemon juice instead of lemon flavor?  I have seen a couple of recipes  that call for lemon juice?  also have no clear vanilla. Can I use regular vanilla extract?

I just want to say THANK YOU for this recipe! It is an absolute LIFESAVER! It has been so humid in Virginia, and I lost an entire set of cookies to the humidity and my icing not setting (4 days and still not dry!).

I have never had an issue with my RI, but I was in a pinch to get some custom cookies done for a real estate agent for tomorrow! I wanted to make sure the RI would dry completely.

I followed the directions exactly! The only thing I changed was using orange extract rather than the flavors it suggested. What a beautiful icing! It was so smooth and easy to thin down to the correct consistency. It made a very large amount that will help me fill additional orders before Valentine's Day. 

As for the drying was 9:00 PM. I flooded the cookies and sat down to wait. By 11:00 PM they were ready for my final details. I left them to sit on my counter before packaging in the morning. 

This will 100% be my go-to recipe!

@Kate Martin  I can imagine that even a hand mixer works for this recipe. Try half the amount first so the hand blender will not get too warm. Half the amount worked for me, I tried it on my Easter cookies. good succeed

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