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What are your favorite brands of meringue powder and powdered sugar? Are you brand-loyal - never deviating from that tried-and-true brand of sugar or meringue powder? Or do you shop by convenience, picking up whatever's available in whatever store you're in? Or are you looking for a bargain? If it's cheap or on sale, you'll take it. Do tell by answering @SugarDotCookies' latest survey by March 1!

TAKE SURVEY HERE: https://cookieconnection.julia...ys/sugar-dot-surveys


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Elke Hoelzle posted:

I will skip that survey, since I live in another country. Thank you!

You can still take the survey, and I would encourage you to do so. We want to hear from all members. You will have the option to fill in the brands you use in the "Other" lines in those questions, since the brands we've listed are primarily US brands. TIA!

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