It's really tricky to make a direct substitution like this. The yolks have a fair bit of fat, in addition to protein, in them, so they tend to have a tenderizing effect on doughs. Whereas the whites have no fat whatsoever, and lots of protein, so they have a strengthening effect. Why not save the yolks for creme anglaise or pastry cream or something else, which only call for yolks?

Adding a suggestion for egg yolk uses (I also think perhaps cookie dough could react oddly to just yolks if they are ones for decorating, I did once see a recipe for snickerdoodles which just used yolks though, though my brain being what it is I cannot remember where - sorry)


Lemon curd is one I tend to make with lots of leftover egg yolks, it keeps really well in a sterilised jar and makes a nice filling for sandwich cookies, cupcakes (I also use it drizzled on top), cakes and cheesecakes. 



You can always throw an extra egg yolk or two into a meatloaf. You can freeze them, too.


But I would agree with Julia that using only yolks in your sugar cookie dough would likely cause an extra soft crumb to your final product. I think you need the protein strands of the egg white to add structure for roll-out cookies--or else they might not retain their shapes and sharp edges when you bake them.


Edited to add: You would do better to leave out the egg entirely than to add yolks without their whites. Some sugar cookie/shortbread recipes don't call for any eggs at all.

The lemon curd is awesome but the macarons are still a work in progress.  First time around they were too flat, this time they were too poofy.  Maybe next time they will be just right.  I am using "Ultimate Cookies" Goof-proof Macaron recipe and everyone says the flavor is excellent.  Thanks, Julia!

A desert alternative: 


My mother in law had this Caramel Pie, my husband's fav' and I always wait until I have egg yolks to do it.




1 pie shell OR you could just make caramel and top with whipped cream..


-1cup of brown sugar +

-3 tbls flour


-1tbls butter

-2egg yolks

-1cup of milk


Cook in double boiler or heavy sauce pan.


*Mix brown sugar with flour

*Beat milk with yolks

*Add to sugar/flour


Cook mixture at low temp. stirring constantly and add *Butter at the end


Caramel is ready when thickened enough to pour in pie shell


Best topped with Whipped cream.

Refrigerate!  Delicious.


Note: Long to stir, but well worth it.



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