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Hi, all. If you caught my forum post from earlier this week, you know that the last site upgrade (sadly) obliterated member portfolios on member profiles.

Fortunately, after I complained vociferously about this change, CrowdStack, my tech support team, reinstated the feature today. It is a bit different in look, but basically contains all the same material that was once under your "Activity/Content" stream.

All of the content you've posted to the site now appears under the "Posts" tab on your member profile. (See the screenshot from my portfolio below). This area includes all of the content you've initiated on the site, including clips, blog posts, forum posts, etc. However, it will not include your comments or replies on others' content.

My portfolio has my most recent forum posts at the top, but since most of you post only photo clips, your portfolios should be primarily that - photos!

Any previous links to member portfolios will be directed to the content under these "Posts" tabs.

I hope this news is as welcome to you as it was to me!

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 9.20.52 PM


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  • Julia's "Member Portfolio" Under New "Posts" Tab: Screenshot from Cookie Connection
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