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I apologize if this was posted by someone else. I looked and didn't see my exact question. Is there a favorite vanilla extract that is used? I just ordered some vanilla extract 2 fold from Spices, Etc., and will try it this weekend. I find that when I use just regular vanilla extract that it never really tastes "vanilla-y." I also ordered some LorAnn's Almond Emulsion for the icing. Has anyone had better luck with these, or do you prefer emulsions over extracts? I saw the LorAnn's butter vanilla, but I wasn't sure if I should try it or not. 

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Extracts are alcohol-based, and thus the flavor tends to bake off (evaporate off) more in the oven. Emulsions are formulated for baking and to retain more flavor through that process, so you may find them more to your liking. I can't vouch for LorAnn emulsions though. I've had some of their artificially-flavored ones, and they taste artificial to me and I would never use them. Some of their natural ones may be better.

For my vanilla sugar cookies I’ve started using cookie nip instead of vanilla.  Big hit.  For other cookie recipes I use a variety, but mostly use Nielsen-Massey.  For royal icing I have started using Genies dream clearly not vanilla.  After doing the cruise I have started trying her products.

@Kimbercakes I make my own vanilla extract. I use vanilla bean, chop them up and I dump them in a jug of vodka for about 9 months to 1 year. I always have a jug processing while I consume another. Best vanilla flavor ever. Nothing that I’ve tried comes close to this. 

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How much vanilla pods in how much vodka dear @Laura K Vittori??

I don't throw my "empty" vanilla pods away. I just put them in regular sugar. This will be a very tasty and really fragrant vanilla sugar. The more concentrated, the better! The sugar preserves very well and turns brown directly on the pod. You can always loosen the delicious browned part and put the pod back in the sugar.

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