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I'm a self-taught cookie e̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ decorator, who started in January 2020 after an unbelievable story happened to me. My dear and loving cat went missing. My family and I tried everything to find her; we spent hours looking for her and calling her during the night time, when cats are usually active and can get out from the hiding places. All animal shelters got to know us. But no news about my cat.
On the 6th day of her disappearance, I decided to bake a cookie and hand paint her portrait just to calm myself down a little and stop crying. For some unexplainable reason I said to myself, that my baby would come back home when I finish the cookie, otherwise something really bad had happened to her. Believe me or not, my dear cat came home on the 8th day! We all are still shocked and call it a true miracle! 

So my cat was the one who "made" me start my new hobby that I adore now. 



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  • Painted Cat Cookie
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