Due to travels next week, I'm a little early with July's site art swap, but I think you'll be nothing but pleased!

The fun and folksy cacti now gracing the site epitomize the style of this month's talented site artist - someone you all know very well for her regular contributions to Cookie Connection.

Any guesses as to the creator of our latest banner and backdrop?!

JULY 2019 BannerCactus Background BRIGHTER LESS SHADOW

Yes! It's none other than @Bakerloo Station, aka Christine Donnelly, host of our regular Practice Bakes Perfect cookie decorating challenges! Her style is a dead giveaway! (BTW, her latest challenge, all about painting, just posted here.)

Christine is no newcomer to site art, having first contributed back in May 2016. That being said, you can read our preexisting Cookier Close-up with Christine here. Enjoy, and also stay tuned for our Cookier Close-up with June site artist, @Silver Cloud Cakes, coming later this summer in late July or early August.

Christine Donnelly is author of Practice Bakes Perfect, a bimonthly Cookie Connection blog feature that poses inspiration and challenges to stretch you as a cookie artist - for practice, prizes, and fun! A lifelong baker, Christine began her professional career at 16, when she was hired on the spot at her local bakery to work the counter and decorate cakes. After detours to college and law school, she worked as a trial lawyer in Chicago for many years, ultimately leaving that career to become a stay-at-home mother to her two children. In her “retirement,” she continued to bake at home, at last finding her preferred artistic medium in decorated cookies. In February 2013, Bakerloo Station was born with a presence on both Facebook and Instagram. Christine makes cookies to balance her left brain, to inspire and share creative ideas, and to feed those needs that only art can satisfy. Catch up on all of Christine's Cookie Connection posts here.

Cookie and photo credits: Christine Donnelly

Interested in having your cookie art featured on the site? Yes?! Well, it's easy. . . just review our submission guidelines here, and then submit! There's just one thing to note before you do: I've already got site art for January through March 2020, so please tailor any submissions to the months of August to December 2019. Thank you! And, remember . . . all contributors get their work featured prominently in the site's banner and background for a full month, plus the added PR benefits of a forum post like this one and a Cookier Close-up interview! How great is that?!


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