Ha! Made you look! And, boy, am I glad you did! Our next live chat - a continuation of our CookieCon 2019 Speakers Series - is just under a week away, so listen up!


Yes, our chat on April 13 (10 am central) is with none other than Shannon Heupel, CookieCon 2019 core presenter and founder of Artfully Designed Creations, one of the first cookier-owned cookie stencil enterprises. Shannon had quite the ripple effect at CookieCon . . . nearly everywhere anyone went, word of her very clever airbrush cleaning tip preceded them. She also JUST announced some rather astounding news about the future of Artfully Designed Creations! (In a nutshell, she recently sold the business in order to better focus on her second cookie dough-making business. But you can read all the details in Shannon's own words here.)

Please join us at the appointed time to hear more about Shannon's CookieCon 2019 experience, her genius airbrush cleaning tip, and, most importantly, about her new business focus.

To join the chat on April 13, just click here. And, if you can't make it, no worries. You can click on the same link and enter advance questions for Shannon at any time. We'll answer all advance questions at the time of the live chat.

To help formulate your questions for Shannon, please read her bio (below) - and also that very important announcement of hers, here. We can't wait to "see" you at the chat!

Shannon Headshot CC CROPPEDShannon Heupel is the founder of Artfully Designed Creations. Her cookie journey started in 2000 when she began making cookies. Fast-forward to 2012 when she gave her cookie-decorating endeavor a name, Artfully Delicious Cookies. Living in Wisconsin made it hard to expand her business outside of decorating cookies for friends and family because state law at the time didn't allow people to make and sell baked goods out of their homes. So, Shannon worked to help pass the “Cookie Bill”, which now allows baking and selling from home.

In 2013, Shannon participated in a tornado-relief fundraiser for Moore, Oklahoma, where she offered a set of cookies to the highest bidder. The winner of Shannon’s cookies requested a zebra/Mickey Mouse birthday-themed set of cookies. As much as Shannon felt confident in her ability to decorate cookies, she also wanted them to look amazing, and she knew she’d become too frustrated with imperfections if she attempted to do that many zebra-patterned cookies by hand. So she got creative and crafted herself a zebra background stencil. Once she posted pictures of the completed set, questions and requests for that stencil came flooding in, and Artfully Designed Creations was born. 

For six years, Shannon owned and operated her stencil and airbrush company entirely out of her home, where she cut high quality stencils for her customers. She also worked with Paasche Airbrush Company to better serve the cookie community by creating and improving an American-made airbrush for cookie decorators.

Again, to join Shannon's live chat or to enter questions now, visit her chat room here, and follow the instructions at the top of the chat room.

Photo and cookie credits: Shannon Heupel

[EDITOR'S NOTE: We have one chat left in our CookieCon 2019 Speakers Series - with @Arty McGoo - which will be held later in May. So stay tuned for those details. And, if you were thinking that we overlooked the lovely and talented @Anne Yorks of Flour Box Bakery, who was also a core presenter, we didn't! We chatted with Anne just last August when she was keynote speaker for the previous CookieCon. Since the content of that chat is still very fresh, we decided it didn't need a re-do. If you haven't yet read Anne's transcript, I strongly urge you to do so. She is a treasure trove of information. You can find Anne's chat transcript here.]


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