December 2016

Airbrush Use and Preferences Survey - I'd Love Your Input!

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Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone, I'm conducting a little market research to help guide my development and design of a new airbrush system (gun and compressor) for use in cookie and cake decorating . I would very much appreciate your input so that I can best tailor the product to meet your unique decorating needs. Click here to go to the survey . (You can also return to the survey at any time by clicking on "Surveys" in the main navigation line, but be sure to log your answers before January 13, 2017 when the...Read More...
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Happy to Be Here

Hi from Woodstock, Ontario, I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the amazingly creative cookies on this site. I have enjoyed baking for the 29 years I've been a mom to our 4 sons and recently found the art of cookie decorating (partly due to my very creative d-i-l). Although I'm a novice, because of the help on sites like this, I feel more confident in trying projects.Read More...
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Happy Cookie Day, All!

Sil Quiroga *Ricas Cookies*
Hi there, my cookier friends!!!! May you have a happy, sweet day - today is our day!!! My special thanks of course to @Julia M. Usher and my overseas lovely cookier @Claudia Juarez *Cookie Engineer* and those lots I follow and have congratulated or asked for the techniques which amaze me: Jill, Sonja Galmad, Liesbet, Roos, and so many others who surprise me with all of their works. HAPPY DAY my friends of Cookie Connection ! Love & Joy, Sil PS: These are peanut butter cookies,...Read More...
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FYI - Here's an interesting article about the allure of cookie decorating, especially online. I was interviewed last week for this piece, and am thrilled to see so many other cookie decorators' contributions to it - in the form of photos, videos, and sound bites. Enjoy - it's a great read and testament to the passion we all bring to our shared love of cookie decorating. Read article here .Read More...
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Well, folks, you should know her already . . . because that site artist is me! I had a dearth of member contributions for the month of January , and so I took the easy way out and posted a recent image of some cookies that use my new Prettier Plaques TM "Peace" set. Plus, "peace" seemed to be a wonderful message for ringing in 2017! Basically, both the banner and backdrop use the same image, just cropped and scaled differently: I also decided to depart from our usual small-scale tiled...Read More...
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All Things Allergies

Mellisa F.
Hello, my name is Mellisa. I am a new member who is so excited to join this site to connect with fellow cookie decorators. I am a school teacher by day and a cookie decorator by night. I have always been very cautious when it comes to using certain ingredients due to nut allergies. However, I recently made cookies for my class and realized that one of my students had an egg allergy. He was able to consume eggs in baked products, but could not consume or touch anything with raw egg. So, this...Read More...
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Winner of Julia's Prettier Plaques Stencil Giveaway!

Julia M. Usher
As you may or may not know, I recently launched a new stencil line in partnership with Stencil Ease, the country's largest stencil manufacturer. A small sampling of the stencils in my first Prettier Plaques TM series is shown here: In celebration of that launch, Stencil Ease and I ran a giveaway of $200 worth of my stencils (or stencil accessories), and that giveaway just closed at the stroke of midnight! We had a stunning 4,870 total entries from people spanning the globe! From those...Read More...
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Red Bleeding into White Piping - How to Fix?

Brigitte Thiele
I hope someone has some advice. I made cookies flooded with red icing. Let them dry 24 hours then piped white names and numbers into the cookies. This is royal icing. So of course the white piping has some bleeding into it. Are there any tricks to fix this now? I was wondering about painting white color over the piping ? Anybody have any advice, I would appreciate it ! BrigitteRead More...
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Wilton Meringue Powder - Recipe and Ratio Don't Match

Hello, The royal icing recipe I have uses 1 egg white with 200g powder sugar. I use egg white powder to substitute the raw egg white, the instruction on the packaging is 1tsp of egg white powder + 7tsp of water equal to 1 egg white. I am confused because recently I am using Wilton meringue powder, on the back of the packaging, it stated 2tsp of meringue powder + 2tbsp of water = 1 egg white, But there is a little recipe come with it said royal icing recipe need 3tbsp meringue powder + 6 tbsp...Read More...
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Hi from Southeast Missouri

My name is Lisa and I am married and have two grown children and a wonderful grandson. I consider myself an accomplished home cook and baker but not a cake or cookie decorator. My mother-in-law was a brilliant professional cake and cookie decorator who worked from her home. I learned a bit from her but was busy with my own career goals in healthcare at the time. Now I am semi-retired and interested in making decorated cookies for my grandson with the skills I learned from her and what I can...Read More...
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Site Downtime on December 14!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Our site support team ( will be doing maintenance on the systems that power Cookie Connection for the purpose of maintaining and improving the security and stability of our service. This maintenance is scheduled for December 14, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. During this maintenance period, there will be up to 60 minutes of downtime. Cookie Connection will be functioning normally for the majority of the maintenance period, however. Thanks for your patience.Read More...
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Flash Mob for Business Promotion

Hi there, I have seen a thread here about video promotion but it was too old that I thought to create a thread. I haven't done any video promotion works but heard that it gives a drastic change in business . But lately, I have seen an article http://www.grassrootsadvertisi...flash-mob-marketing/ describes how the flash mob is used for marketing. I think it is much better to do flash mob since it is cost efficient. You can ask your workers,...Read More...
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Last Call! $200 Stencil Giveaway Closes in 24 Hours!

Julia M. Usher
Last call! My stencil launch giveaway ends in 24 hours (December 7, 12 am CT). Don't delay! One lucky person will win $200 worth of my new stencils designed in partnership with ! Enter giveaway here : Purchase stencils now : Here's a small sample of what you can make with my layered Prettier Plaques TM sets:Read More...

Cookiers Rock the Sugar Arts World at the EAG Awards!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! The winners of the Edible Artists Global (EAG) Awards were announced just two hours ago, and I am completely floored by the news! While I'm certainly honored to have been recognized, I am mostly thrilled that cookies have taken center stage, alongside cakes, in the world of sugar arts. Congrats to fellow cookiers @Creative Cookier and @The Cookie Lab - Bolachas decoradas arte (aka Marta Torres) for their industry-shattering work! And to all of the other amazing sugar artists who...Read More...
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Hi from The Woodlands, TX

LaDawn Wilson
My name is LaDawn Wilson and I started baking while I lived in Germany some years ago. We were lucky enough to live on the economy and had wonderful landlords that became our Oma and Opa. Oma was always busy in the kitchen or garden and I would watch her make plum tarts, a huge treasure chest of Christmas cookies, and Easter cakes. My mother made cream puff swans, homemade pies, and apple fritters. I was so blessed to see the love these women poured into each creation. I seem to have the...Read More...
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