December 2017

Ringing in the New Year with a New Site Artist!

Julia M. Usher
It's almost 2018, and I'm ringing in the New Year with the introduction of our January site artist, the lovely Susan Crane aka @SusieQCookies. Thank you so much, Susan, for generously contributing your time and talents to beautifying our site! Before we get to Susan's lovely art, a quick, but important plea ! After the posting of our February art, I'm flush out of art for every other month in 2018. So, unless you want to see my cookies all over the site for the rest of the...Read More...
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Cookies Got Too Hard/Dried Out While I Was Working

Hallo, cookiers. I don't usually have this problem, but this time a set of about 30 cookies dried out on me, probably in part because of dry winter air and the time it took to finish them, despite keeping them in containers, etc. I am glad I tasted one so I can try to tackle this problem. Ugh. Anyhow -- I've never tried the bread trick with cookies -- putting a piece of bread in the container with them so they absorb a little moisture. Does it actually work? Does it cause any problems with...Read More...
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A few days ago, my tech team at, the gods and goddesses who maintain the software that drives this site, upgraded a number of features. Most of the new features give me (admins) more control over various back-end functions, but a couple of the upgrades directly affect you. Nothing too major this time, but I thought you should know that: (1) A more visible posting button was added to mobile versions of the site. In the past, the posting option was somewhat buried when using a mobile...Read More...
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Hello There!

Hey, everyone! My name is JoAnn and I live in Southern CA. I caught the cookie decorating bug last Christmas when I made gingerbread cookies and was not satisfied with just icing them with pre-made royal icing in the tube. So I signed up for a beginners decorating class with some friends and I am hooked! I am still in the beginning stages compared to cookies on this site, but love it so much and have regular orders from family, friends, and coworkers. I am a teacher and started out by...Read More...
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Royal Icing Transfer Bleed Fix!

I’m making 200 cookies for a friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah and ran into an issue with my RI (royal icing) transfers bleeding! I knew about dark colors bleeding but these were white on yellow so I was surprised (and seriously bummed). I think my transfers were too thin. But . . . fixed them and thought I’d share in case anyone is looking for a fix in the future. It’s not perfect, but pretty good and certainly fine for a slew of teenagers! After the cookies were completely dry, I mixed up some 12...Read More...
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Reduced-Sugar Cookies

Icing and Spices
Hi, all, My usual recipe calls for 100 g of white sugar per 180 g of white flour. This comes out to a baker's percentage of 55. Today I reduced the sugar by 1/4, resulting in a baker's percentage of 42. I could already feel the difference when cutting the cookies - they were so buttery to the touch. Do any of you use this sugar/flour ratio for your iced cookies? What has the response been from your "taste-testers"? Also, have you had any issues with butter bleed? Thanks so much!Read More...
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Egg Glaze

Hello, I made some Christmas baubles for friends and family this year. I have decided to try using Julia's recipe for egg glaze rather than royal icing because I wanted the baubles to look shiny. All seem to go well except the glazed baubles felt greasy! I wiped off the grease with kitchen paper several times before decorating. But the finished product looks more waxy than shiny! Has anyone else tried egg glaze? Did they turn out greasy?Read More...
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Primer for Fondant?

Hello , I was wondering if there is any substance that could be used as a primer on sugar paste or fondant, so when I print on it the color will stay original without bleeding inside it or getting darker when being refrigerated or left in room temp? Would appreciate any advice on the matter. Thank youRead More...
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Hi Y'all!

Hi y'all! I'm new here and a bit overwhelmed, but am completely amazed at all of the sea and wealth of information I have seen so far! Thanks for letting me join! My name is Tammy, and I currently live in Arizona. I just recently married the love of my life, after being together for 6 years it was time! We have four furbabies! My husband just recently gifted me with an early birthday present, a Kitchenaid! I had been talking for the past 4 or 5 months about wanting to try my hand at sugar...Read More...
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Confection Couture Christmas Stencil Sale - HUGE SAVINGS!

Forum: Tools
Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! The above graphic pretty much says it all! My stencil partner Confection Couture Stencils is hosting a sale, where all Christmas-themed stencils on the site, including my Prettier Plaques TM , are 30% off! Here's a direct link to the Christmas stencils so you can get shopping! Stencils make great stocking stuffers, you know! Don't delay! Sale ends on December 11, 2017 at midnight. Thanks in advance for your support. P.S. If the discount does not automatically get applied at...Read More...

New Holiday Craftsy Course with Stephanie Kappel

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I just noticed a "new" Craftsy course with @Stephanie Kappel that comes just in time for Christmas, as it's all about gingerbread houses! One of my favorite holiday things! Knowing the quality of Stephanie's work, I am sure it is bound to be a great course, so please check it out here . Please also remember that, if you purchase it via a link on this site (either the pink one above or in one of the righthand photo sidebars on our home page, or "Clips" or "Blog" pages),...Read More...

Bagging Cookies with Edible Papers

Hi, I make a shortbread cookie. I then ice it with royal icing and let it dry overnight. I apply the edible image using either Crisco, or piping gel. Around the edges I use either light corn syrup or piping gel to add the sprinkles. I let that dry overnight before putting them in a sealed bag. My problem: a few days after bagging, the cookies start to look wet. Almost as if I didn't let them dry enough (overnight I thought was long enough). I have attached a photo to show you what is...Read More...
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