February 2016

Hi! I'm teaching in China three times this year, and my first trip is coming up very soon (in early March). In my past travels to other countries, I've had issues getting good quality powdered sugar (a very fine 10X grind for piping detailed needlepoint without plugging tips) and also certain ingredients. So my questions for those here who live in China are: 1. What brand of powdered sugar do you recommend for detailed piping? 2. Do you have mild molasses (like this ), and what brand would...Read More...
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Bag Toppers - Where to Have Them Made?

Fancy Sugar
Hi, everyone, I have been packaging my cookies in clear bags with either ribbon or twist ties. I want to heat seal my cookies but then I need bag toppers. Where is the best place to have them made? I've heard of UPS printing or Vista print, but all my online searches have left me frustrated. Any advice? Thanks.Read More...
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Extra Cookie Cutters

I would love to donate my extra cookie cutters to someone who wants or needs them! I buy a lot of cookie cutters from Value Village, Goodwill, and garage sales. I always end up with a couple I don't own, but I also end up with many duplicates. If anyone wants my extra cookie cutters - email me at spierce@hallzan.com or send me a message through Cookie Connection . I will send them free of charge if you live in the U.S.  Read More...
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It's Time for New March Site Art!

Julia M. Usher
It's like Christmas for me each month when I first see our Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 winners' art hit the site's banner and backdrop. I never know quite how the backdrop will reveal until it is actually in place, but I never cease to be pleasantly surprised. And this month is no exception. Our lovely March art, entitled "Timid Spring" , was created by Stefania Onano of Sweets_by_me , a self-proclaimed newcomer to cookie decorating (though you'd certainly never know it from the...Read More...
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As you may know, we had a super lively chat (transcript here ) with Angela Nino of The Painted Box last weekend. So lively, in fact, that we didn't have time to get through all of the questions that were posed during the chat. But, thanks to some speedy keyboard action, I was able to log and save all of the unanswered questions before the chat cut out on us. And, thanks to the generosity of Angela, she has answered each and every one of them below! Woo hoo! [EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're...Read More...
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Pricing Non-Decorated Cookies

Forum: Pricing
Hi, I just joined and am excited about the future of my fledgling homemade cookie business! I am not baking from home; I am able to use a commercial kitchen for which I am being charged $200/month. I also bought liability insurance for $300/year and  I am taking an online food handling course for $15 in the very near future. My question then is, how do I include the above costs into my cookies so I have that covered? Right now there is no other labor, I have priced out all the...Read More...
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Hi, all! There was a small site "upgrade" last night that gave admins some new features, but it looks like it un-did some custom coding I had done to locate the number of views, likes, and comments at the top of clips (images, videos, etc.) I'm just letting you know I am aware of the issue (as well as a few others introduced at the same time ) and am working on fixes. They may take a few days to a week, so thanks for your patience.Read More...
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Site Downtime on Wednesday, February 24

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Hoop.la, my site support team, will be performing maintenance on Cookie Connection 's server later this week in order to continue providing us with the highest level of service. The maintenance will require a server restart, which will result in up to 3 minutes of downtime sometime on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 between the hours of 10:00 am and 10:00 pm eastern. I wish I could be more specific about when the downtime will occur within this window, but this is the best information...Read More...
Our fifth Sweet Sharing chat addresses a topic that is of increasing interest to many cookiers - how to transition from a production-oriented cookie business to one focused on teaching, and how to do so profitably and sustainably! Natasa Belic, of Art & Honey , started teaching just two and a half years ago after receiving a request to teach a private class in Athens, Greece. Since then, she has held 40 beginner workshops, most of which have taken place in the past year. Roughly half of...Read More...

Follow-up on The Painted Box Chat

Julia M. Usher
As many of you know, we had a rousing chat with Angela Nino of The Painted Box yesterday. (Chat transcript here .) It was so rousing, in fact, that we didn't have time to address all of the many great questions that came in live. (Angela is one popular girl!) However, all of those questions have been saved, and Angela has graciously agreed to answer them over the course of the next week. I'll be posting the answers into one of our forums, and also as a link in the original chat description,...Read More...
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Heads up! In April, we continue our series of live chats with those 2015 Cookiers' Choice Awards finalists we haven't had the pleasure of live-chatting with yet. And, next up is Teri Pringle Wood , finalist in the Cookier of the Year category, for her intricately piped and masterfully painted work. If you've been on Cookie Connection for any period of time, you'll know that Teri is one of our most prolific members - I'd guess she posts several new cookie photos a week! But she isn't only...Read More...
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In Love with Cookie Decorating . . .

Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm 33, and I have 4 children, with ages ranging from 14 to 2. When I get a chance I love baking and decorating bickies.... 1. I live in almost the hottest part of Australia. ( it's the middle of summer right now) 2. My kids steal the bickies as they come out of my oven. Which I am happy about, because it means they like my baking lol. 3. I have hypothyroidism, so I REALLY want to ice the bickies, but my body just wants to sleep most of the time!. 4. I am in awe of the...Read More...
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Hello from Missouri!

Brigitte Thiele
Hello, everyone ! I just love this website! I somehow caught this cookie decorating bug when a lady brought 2 dozen of the prettiest cookies to my daughters bridal shower last July. I have baked and decorated a few dozen but want to do so much more! My skills are not the best . . . Yet! I have put up a shelving area all dedicated to storing my cookie making supplies. And I am constantly on the search for unique cookie cutters lol. In my other life, I am married and live on a farm and we grow...Read More...
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Dried Royal Icing Not Sticking to Cookie

The Golden Cookie
I have been decorating cookies for a couple years and for the second time royal icing that I flooded and let dry on cookies has just slipped off the cookie. The icing had been dry and stuck on the cookies for several days and only today when I moved them, all the icing just came off like one big icing transfer. The icing is the same recipe (made with meringue powder) that I always use. The only thing different is that each time this has happened the cookies are made with either honey or a...Read More...
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New Decorator Looking for "Crackle Painted Surface" Tutorial

Cake Dreams
I am new to cookie decorating and have seen several beautiful cookies with the crackle paint look on the surface. I haven't been able to find a tutorial out there anywhere and am anxious to try. Any suggestions as to where I can look to find one? Am so excited to have found Cookie Connection !Read More...
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Icing That Curls When Piped

I just learned how to make royal icing and recently tried cookie decorating for the first time. When I went to pipe the icing onto my cookies, the icing kept curling as I pushed it out of the parchment paper cone. I tried making thinner icing and cutting a bigger hole in the cone, but neither helped me. Any suggestions how to fix this would be helpful. Thanks!Read More...
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Eating Crackle Icing

Cookie Me This ~ Heidi
I love all the crackle icing designs that are being posted; they are just beautiful. When I was reviewing the technique I learned that it is just cornstarch and white coloring. Are people eating these designs? Or are they just for looks? Also, are there any other (more tasty) ways to create this look?Read More...
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Attention, Bakers! Another ABC Casting Call!

Julia M. Usher
Hey, all - this just in from casting agents for ABC's The Great American Baking Show and The Great Holiday Baking Show. They're looking for talented amateur bakers for their next season, and the application deadline is February 24! If you think you've got what it takes (see details in the poster below), act now by filling out their application form, here . Best of luck to all who apply!Read More...

Baked Practice Cookie Recipe

Hi everyone!  Does anyone have a recipe for a baked practice cookie? I have several Notta Cookies, but I would like a recipe that doesn't use all of my expensive ingredients that I can bake into shapes for practice. Non-edible cookies. I saw one recipe on Etsy a while back, but I can't locate it. Can anyone help? Thanks!!Read More...
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