March 2016

Royal Glaze Flood Setting Too Fast

Columbus Cookie Academy
I use Sweet P's Sweets Royal Glaze and on my last few batches have noticed the flood setting up super fast, making any wet-on-wet work difficult. One of the batches was during an in-home class and we used the student's meringue powder which was super old and ended up leaving undissolved clumps in the icing, so I thought that was the issue. Now I'm having the same problem with leftover icing that's been stored in the fridge, and on the counter, and back in the fridge, and color tweaked, and...Read More...
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Help with Fine Detail

Jenn Penn
Hi, all. Looking at these pictures of all these cookies is somewhat intimidating. I'm decorating 6-8 cookies an hour on average - and they aren't even that fancy! Anyway, I'm having a hard time with detail. Every time I try to imitate simple patterns or lines that involve a smaller tip, it just gets clogged or stuck. I use frosting tube thingys with a 1 tip. I watched the parchment cone tutorial a couple days ago and plan on trying that, and I've tried bags unsuccessfully - any other tips on...Read More...
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Capt Super
Hi! I am Capt Super and I live in Gilbert, Arizona, USA. I am married and have four kids. I work at Phoenix Childrens Hospital as an Epilepsy Monitor Tech. I have been baking cookies for awhile, but I am getting a bit tired of baking chocolate chip cookies. So I joined Cookie Connections to get some inspiration to try other types of cookies. I am really impress with so many talented bakers in this group. Thanks for letting me join.Read More...
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Our April Site Art is Here!

Julia M. Usher
It's now my new favorite time of the month - the time for posting site artwork! In case you forgot, April's Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #13 honoree is Allegra Crea , whose charming pink and purple daisies are gracing the site's banner and backdrop as we speak! For the longest time, I thought Allegra Crea was the name of one person, but as it turns out, "Allegra Crea" means "create cheerfully" in Italian and is the online moniker for the cookie decorating duo of Ivana Parisi and Giusi...Read More...
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Hello from Shanghai

Hello. I'm new to Cookie Connection so I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm a mother of 2, living in Shanghai. I got into decorating after I quit my investment banking job to become a full-time mom. After organising a few birthday parties for my kids I realised it's actually easier and cheaper to do everything myself! Luckily for me, I met this amazing Japanese teacher in Shanghai, who has taught me so much. We're in the process of setting up a sweets decorating class for non-Japanese...Read More...
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A Dozen Cookies?

Forum: Pricing
Brigitte Thiele
Hello everyone, I am very new to selling my cookies and am perplexed by how to determine what is equal to a dozen cookies when some are of the 4-5 " size and some are 2 " and then sizes in between. And is a 4" tall cross considered a 4" cookie even though it has less mass than a 4" oval cookie? I had my first cookie order ever for 2 dozen Easter cookies! I was so excited! But I actually ended up adding extra cookies because some of the chicks were only 2 inches. And then there were some 3...Read More...
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Hi, all, here's an opportunity for you and your cookie story to be published in Southern Living magazine. I'll let the email that I got from their Assistant Editor today speak for itself: Hi there! I was referred to your site by the lovely Kate Sullivan of the Cookie Cutter Collector's Club. I am writing to you from Southern Living, where we are hard at work on a story about cookies. I'm looking for people with baking or cookie traditions (exchanges, etc.), and was wondering if you knew...Read More...
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Hi, everyone, I've been seeing a lot of copied (or heavily inspired) artwork in cookies on the site as of late, some of which has not been properly attributed. Some of you have asked me to clarify the site's policy with regard to copying. First, I refer you to the site's Terms of Use (in the About section), which details the policy in full (and to which you must agree before you become a member of this site) and also to this recent forum post:...Read More...
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My mom is going to be retiring from a mortuary March 30 and she has asked me to make caskets and hearses ( ? spelling) - yes, funny and a bit morbid I know. Anyway, I did find a hearse cookie cutter. I have a design planned in my head, but I haven't done it "for real" yet! I am adding a pic of the hearse in attachments. My plan is to make the body of the hearse a dark blue as that is the color of the company's hearse. What I'm not sure how to do is the windows. My thoughts are to make them...Read More...
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Customer Received Broken Cookies!

Hi, ladies, I wonder if I can ask for some advice? I am a home cookie business from the UK, and have today received an email from a customer from the USA whose order arrived and 6 out of 28 cookies are broken! She has sent me photos. This is the first time this has happened to me. I packed the box very carefully inside another box with several layers of bubble wrap. I am really shocked that so many were broken. The customer is demanding that I send her replacements. How do I handle this...Read More...
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No Saturday Spotlight This Weekend!

Julia M. Usher
So sorry, I had every intent of doing a Saturday Spotlight this weekend, even though I am in China and teaching. However, the internet connection has been so poor here that I don't think it's even possible for me to draft a post with photos and have it successfully save. If something should change, I'll try to get to it, but in all likelihood, the Saturday Spotlight will resume on March 26.Read More...
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Sneak Peek at Cookiers' Choice Awards Trophies!

Julia M. Usher
Well, the engraved trophies arrived safe and sound last night! And, boy, they're bigger (literally) and better than I ever imagined. It also seems my husband is a bit envious of their magnitude and all of the attention I'm lavishing on our Cookiers' Choice Awards winners. I woke up to find this from him on our kitchen counter this morning . . . Awards winners: Just a heads up - I still need to check all of the trophy engravings, re-pack the trophies, and then take them to the post office. So...Read More...
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Get Out of My Kitchen! Time to Build a Proper Bakery!

Hello Everyone! I'm reaching out to everyone for some advice. It is officially time for this home-based cookie business of mine to move to another space. We are in the process of collecting all the ideas and needs for a small bakery we will be building on our property. This is where I desperately need your help! If you have a moment and would recommend any advice on what should be in my bakery. Anything along the lines of .... - What brand of equipment do you use? ( Especially oven and...Read More...
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Hi, all! It's time for another installment of "Did You Know?"! This one was spurred by one of our contributors, who would like to see more impromptu connections made on this site! I'm all for making more connections, as I'm sure many of you are, so I wanted to point out a key (yet currently very underutilized) tool on this site that makes spontaneous connecting very easy. It's called our "Casual Cookie Chat in Real Time!" chat room, and it's open 24/7 to allow people to ask questions,...Read More...
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